Geotechnical Engineering

From small single story store foundations to complex foundations for high rise structures, sound geotechnical principles must be applied. Accordingly, SE takes site development and project recommendations seriously. No matter how simple or complex the project is, we adhere to the same level of care. Our recommendations are project specific and are presented in a clear and concise report.

Stratum Engineering, LLC (SE) provides a full range of geotechnical engineering services specific to each project. Our team of professionals has experience with the unique and challenging soil conditions in southeast Louisiana and the Gulf Coast region. We offer qualified professionals with years of local experience. Although every site and project is unique, general trends and past experience are important for evaluating geologic settings. In addition to hundreds of projects completed by our principal over the last 24 years, since inception in 2009, SE has completed several hundred projects ranging from roadway design to multiple level structures, bridges, hospitals and large retail facilities.

Our broad range of geotechnical services includes geotechnical engineering and consulting, geotechnical drilling and laboratory testing. The geotechnical engineering services include subsurface soil and groundwater investigations and studies for design, construction and remedial work.

SE provides engineering analysis for the design of shallow and deep foundations, slope stability analysis of earthen embankment retaining structures, sheet pile recommendations and pavement recommendations including ground stabilization and improvements. Our drilling services are provided through a drilling subcontractor who is familiar with the area geology. Multiple truck mounted and all terrain vehicle mounted drill rigs are available to tackle any project type and size, and are ready to mobilize at a short notice.

SE has an in-house equipped geotechnical testing laboratory capable of performing general soil testing for project design and construction including soil classification tests, strength tests and laboratory compaction tests. The tests are conducted by experienced technical staff in general accordance with ASTM or AASHTO Standard Procedures. All of the laboratory testing is supervised by technical staff with years of geotechnical testing experience.

Featured Geotechnical Engineering Projects

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