Stratum Engineering is AASHTO accredited. Our quality system meets the requirement of AASHTO R18. SE’s laboratory meets the requirements of ASTM E329, ASTM C1077, ASTM D3666, ASTM D3740, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. Our in house training requires our technicians to participate in available outside certifications to enhance their ability to provide the level of competence required for your projects.

Our laboratory routinely participates in proficiency testing programs where samples are tested in our laboratory twice a year and the results compared with those from over 500 laboratories across the nation.

A significant aspect of SE’s internal quality assurance is the review of all reports by our project managers and principal engineer with recognized local experience and technical expertise. These professionals will review all recommendations, reports, and documents prior to submittal. This review takes advantage of their years of experience to assure that the recommendations are not only accurate, but also are reasonable and provide cost effective solutions.


Stratum Engineering, LLC utilizes a laboratory information management system software (Elm Tree) which is a state of the art system that improves the efficiency of the laboratory operations from sample tracking, test result calculations, test report generations, equipment calibrations, scheduling, billing and budget tracking. Our reports are generated and emailed via an FTP site within a few days of providing our services. Non-conformance items are addressed immediately and brought to all concerned parties’ attention.

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