Vertical Lift Bridge

Vertical Lift Bridge

Vertical Lift Bridge

Galliano, LA

The project includes construction of a new vertical lift span bridge across Bayou Lafourche connecting with LA Highway 1 (W. Main Street) and LA Highway 308 (E. Main Street). The 3-lane bridge consisted of a 112 foot steel lift span situated between two (2) 30 foot long fixed concrete spans. The lift span will be raised by two (2) towers with approximate heights of 104 feet which will be capable of lifting the bridge at least 76 feet above the mean high water level. The lift towers are supported on piers with a group of 24-inch square pre-cast concrete piles driven below each tower leg. An abutment sheet pile wall will be installed at the intersection of the fixed spans and the approach slabs in conjunction with a pre-cast concrete pile supported bent. A separate Operator’s House, movable traffic barriers and timber pile fender system will also be provided.

Year Completed

Construction In Progress

Construction Cost

$40 Million



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