NLLD Levee B

NLLD Levee B

NLLD Levee B

Lockport, LA

The project includes the relocation of the existing Reach B Levee which extends approximately 16,600 linear feet from the intersection of the A-2 Levee and Claudet Levee in Lockport to the Parr Pump Station. Phase I of the project encompasses about 6,200 feet of the levee. The existing levee along this section of the Forty Arpent Canal was to be removed along with additional material excavated from the canal bank to increase the width of the canal by approximately 50 feet. The new levee will be located about 110 feet away from the existing levee centerline towards the flood side of the system. The new levee crown will be 10 feet wide and 10 feet high.

SE was retained to provide Geotechnical Engineering services for the project.

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