Lafourche Parish Correctional Complex

Lafourche Parish Correctional Complex

Lafourche Parish Correctional Complex

Thibodaux, LA

The new correctional complex consisted of five (5) separate buildings including an Administration Building and several dormitory buildings as well as multiple smaller ancillary structures. The complex has a total footprint of approximately 135,000 square feet. The majority of the facility is single story; however, portions of the complex are 2-story.  The facility is supported on timber piles.

SE was engaged to evaluate the foundation recommendations provided by others. After conducting a comprehensive boring program at the site which included 7 borings drilled to 100 feet and 17 CPT soundings advanced to 70 feet, recommendations were made to shift the complex to the southern half of the site so shorter piles could be embedded in the shallow dense sand. The improvements included paved parking areas on the east and west sides of the Administration Building along with several access drives.

Year Completed


Construction Cost

$45 Million



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