Iberville Re-Development


Iberville Re-Development

New Orleans, LA

The project encompassed 10 city blocks and included the construction of multiple residential and mixed use structures providing a total of 880 units along with associated parking areas and drives. Some of the structures were four-story elevated wood framed structures on top of cast-in-place post tensioned concrete podiums. The ground floor of these buildings were used for surface parking. Other structures consisted of 2-story townhouses with wood frames and load bearing walls. Paved courtyards were provided between buildings along with side parking adjacent to the units. In addition, the bordering streets and the streets bisecting the site, were demolished and reconstructed to the City of New Orleans roadway standards.

SE conducted the geotechnical investigation for the development which included 16 borings and 17 CPT soundings advanced to a depth of 55 to 75 feet. The development was supported on timber piles. SE also provided materials testing and inspection services during construction.

Year Completed


Construction Cost

$50 Million


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